Monday, December 7, 2009

Given Thanks

We had lots of fun/stress giving our thanks this year. We REALLY enjoyed spending quality time with so many family members in smaller numbers. Although that doesn't apply to our Woodward days. There, we enjoyed spending quality time with as many family members as could possible fit in one house. I think the official count for dinner on Thanksgiving was 71.

The stress part came from poor sleeping. Charlie didn't do so well with all the new bedtime environments. He was fantastic during the day, though, and really loved the space in everyone's homes walking in circuits and carrying a toy. Alec did about normal for his bedtime (which at that time was only slightly difficult) and was also great during the day. He actually answered questions from anyone! He even ate at the little kids table across the room from Chris and I all by himself and sat there, quietly eating during the entire Thanksgiving meal. I think he was a bit intimidated by the other big little kids.

On the drive to Utah the kids did remarkably well until the last 2 hours. But all in all, not a bad trip. (The drive home was a different story... it always seems to be that way).

At my brothers house. It was so fun to play with all our nephews and especially to see our newest nephew, Baby Brady. Charlie just stared at him and Alec liked to talk/play with him.

At Grandma Archibald's. She had such fun toys and as always, yummy food. Charlie loved the tent she had out and the basket of easter eggs and plastic rollers. Alec loved the wooden tops and cars and time with his Aunt and Uncles and Grandparents.

At Grandma Woodward's there is the annual rocket launching which happens after the annual Logan Temple trip (With over 50 people you can do a lot of work. It was very beautiful.) We let Alec skip his nap to watch the rockets go up. After being scared by all the noise of the first 5 rockets he asked to go to sleep! Cute kid.

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brittany said...

we loved seeing yall, and can't wait for you to come back.