Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lots of Fun

We've had lots of fun so far on this trip. Our time with Tiff and Todd was a blast, even though Chris and I (and sometimes Alec) were a bit sick. We eventually got out of the house and went to Kangaroo Zoo. They have lots of bouncy castles and some even perfectly suited for kids Charlie's age! He really liked it, but also liked to try and be in total control of how his body moved.

Alec was pretty nervous of any large ones, until he tried a medium one and then he loved them all and was pretty brave to try the big ones. Probably his favorite was one that was baseball themed. There was a spout of air to suspend a ball on and then a bat to hit it out of the air.

Most of the time, we just bounced and jumped around their couches and big bean bag. I was able to do half of Tiff's co-op shift in Mary's class our last day. It was fun to be in an elementary school again.

Now we're at Grandma and Grandpa Archibald's house. Jess and her beautiful kids are here, Edward is here, Thom and Brittany are here... awaiting little Poncho's birth. Alec and Mady play pretty good together. Alec has lots of fun with the marble tracks, K'nex ball thing, and car tracks.

Charlie just loves walking around, flipping the light switch by the stairs on and off, and eating little oranges. He saw snow fall for the first time that he remembers today. He just kept pointing at it and holding his hand out.

Alec tried to go play out in the week old snow the other day and we built a small crunchy snowman. The swingset and snow outside are very tempting. We get out usually once a day to play in it.

We were lucky to have Jess take some family pictures for us with her nice camera (Canon 40D... for our photographer friends who might care :) I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away.


Janelle said...

Isn't it funny how a little water and a comb can transform a little boy? I never comb our boys hair except for church and planned pictures.... :)

mmbateman said...

Beautiful family Brittney! We will miss seeing you during this holiday time but so glad you are having a great Utah Christmas this year!

Emily Bateman said...

The picture of alec with the snowman is so precious! I love love love it!

Heather said...

Such beautiful memories...thanks for sharing!! Merry Christmas to all of the wonderful Archibalds...
Happy Labor day coming up for Thom and Brittany (sp.?)