Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dressing himself

Alec has started to show interest in dressing himself! I love to hear him happily exclaim, "I find the tag!" He still (luckily) doesn't care much about which clothes he wears as long as he can put it on. I thought that we could still maintain cute outfits this way, but alas, he wants to control the order in which they get put on.

I guess its hard to tell in the picture, but his golf shirt is over his zip up sweater. He still asks for help in pulling up/down his bottoms for each bathroom trip. We're trying to get him to go all by himself. We're open for suggestions...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Breakfast Eater

I love the way Charlie eats breakfast. He has almost 8 (little) bowls of cereal and sometimes signs for "more" or "all done" depending on what he wants. He uses one hand to hold the spoon and one hand to help shovel it in his mouth. Half the time he eventually abandons the spoon and just grabs at the cereal and puts fistfuls into his mouth. He drinks the milk out of his bowl, even if half of it is still full of cereal. He'll try to "drink" out of bowls at other times too like for soup or brownies/ice cream.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Stroller Hikes

My friend, Amy, has told me about this program/group/organization/thing that organizes local "hikes" with strollers. She leads one every Tuesday afternoon. We went with her last week and walked by the Palo Alto duck pond out on this boardwalk over the Bay. Only we hadn't then fixed our flat tire on our stroller so I took Charlie in the backpack and Alec walked. We had fun. There was an awesome 1-2 hour window of no rain that was perfectly timed for this stroller hike. I think there is supposed to be another break in the rain later this week.

Don't mistake these rain comments for complaints. I'm actually still enjoying it. I know we'll have lots of sunny days soon enough. I am anxious to get out some old furniture we'll give away as soon as its dry enough to display them out on our front porch.

We don't usually get to go on these hikes because its during Charlie's nap. Alec REALLY wanted to go last week so we tried putting Charlie down extra late for his nap. He didn't' quite make it and dozed off a bit in the backpack but he still slept when we got home so we might try that again.

I have this desire to capture in a picture the beauties I love most about the Bay Area so when we move away, I can have something to "take me back." For me, that picture must include a two things: the wetland-ish look in the first two pictures below and then the rolling hills with gnarly oak trees dotting the background (pictured here or here --Thanks Joni for the tree pictures!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We've had it all ...

50-mph winds. Cough. Diarrhea. Hail. Headaches. Lightning. Major Paper Deadline. Playschool. Power Outage. Runny Noses. Stomach Cramps. Stuffy-Noses. Throw-up. Thunder. Torrential Rain.

...within a 48 hour window of time.

Personally, I like the storm, its exciting. The cold shower was the worst part. Other than that its entertaining. We switch off Alec between reading books, watching a movie, or watching the storm. Charlie started the whole sick bug by throwing up all over himself, me, the bench, and the guy next to me during the Sacrament at Church. Purple. Apparently, he had a BUNCH of blueberries for breakfast. At least he's still pretty cute.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Ok, this will probably be my last "Over the holidays..." post so just hang in there.

Over the holidays we had lots of fun playing in the snow. Chris built a little ramp in his parent's backyard so the kids could go sledding. We put little ski's on Alec and he tried those out once but preferred sledding/walking down the ramp. Charlie doesn't like wearing his leaky-3-sizes-too-big-hand-me-down-hand-me-down-boots. He doesn't even try to walk in them. Except he actually did! After a few days in the snow, he took a few steps.

One of my favorite things about Chris is how much he enjoys playing with the kids. Its not that he likes to watch them play, its he likes to actually play with them... and even sometimes without them. He entertained us all with his run, jump and surf idea.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alec turned 3

Alec turned 3 over the holidays! He seems so big to me. He's potty trained, a sunbeam (!?!), loves to shell and eat peanuts with his grandpa, started throwing on extra phrases like "this is a good train track... that I ever seen.... in my life." He loves to give kisses to Charlie and prides himself on things he can do with his body like twisty jumping, headstands against the couch, long leaps, real push ups and cool balancing tricks. We had a joint birthday party with his little cousin, Austin - who turned 1, and then when we got home we had another cake and gave him a balance bike! We took it out today and he loved it, although he's pretty cautious on it. Thats just Alec for you, careful and talented. We sure love our big boy.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hair cut

Alec went from hair hanging 1 inch in front of his eyes to hair well over 1 inch above his eyebrows. The same could be said for Chris and while Charlie also got his wings clipped, its not quite so dramatic. I've been planning on putting pictures up with this post but i'm too lazy to go dig the camera out of the post-vacation-pile-of-stuff. So, its coming soon. The last few posts have good "hair in the eyes" pictures of Alec, for those of you with vivid imaginations. One of our neighbor friends here didn't recognize him at all and even after pointing him out 10 feet away from behind, the little boy refused to believe it was Alec. Brace yourselves.