Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Breakfast Eater

I love the way Charlie eats breakfast. He has almost 8 (little) bowls of cereal and sometimes signs for "more" or "all done" depending on what he wants. He uses one hand to hold the spoon and one hand to help shovel it in his mouth. Half the time he eventually abandons the spoon and just grabs at the cereal and puts fistfuls into his mouth. He drinks the milk out of his bowl, even if half of it is still full of cereal. He'll try to "drink" out of bowls at other times too like for soup or brownies/ice cream.


Shelly Beth said...

So cute! What a good little eater. What is the sign for "all done" again, I forget. I got to refresh soon...Is there a book or video you use to learn all the signs?

MandaMommy said...

Cute little dude! Ally drinks her milk out sometimes with the cereal still in too. I love it!

dixie said...

The pics are great--such pure joy on his face. Thanks for posting this.