Monday, January 25, 2010

Stroller Hikes

My friend, Amy, has told me about this program/group/organization/thing that organizes local "hikes" with strollers. She leads one every Tuesday afternoon. We went with her last week and walked by the Palo Alto duck pond out on this boardwalk over the Bay. Only we hadn't then fixed our flat tire on our stroller so I took Charlie in the backpack and Alec walked. We had fun. There was an awesome 1-2 hour window of no rain that was perfectly timed for this stroller hike. I think there is supposed to be another break in the rain later this week.

Don't mistake these rain comments for complaints. I'm actually still enjoying it. I know we'll have lots of sunny days soon enough. I am anxious to get out some old furniture we'll give away as soon as its dry enough to display them out on our front porch.

We don't usually get to go on these hikes because its during Charlie's nap. Alec REALLY wanted to go last week so we tried putting Charlie down extra late for his nap. He didn't' quite make it and dozed off a bit in the backpack but he still slept when we got home so we might try that again.

I have this desire to capture in a picture the beauties I love most about the Bay Area so when we move away, I can have something to "take me back." For me, that picture must include a two things: the wetland-ish look in the first two pictures below and then the rolling hills with gnarly oak trees dotting the background (pictured here or here --Thanks Joni for the tree pictures!)


dixie said...

You are very brave to do the stroller walk without a stroller. It sounds like Alec did great walking, though! Beautiful pictures. Good luck lasting out the rain!

Amy said...

Glad you came!

kelsey said...

Ooohh, those pictures took me back! I wish I could do a stroller hike with you!