Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Holy Week

I'd like Easter to be more meaningful for my children than just Easter eggs, candy and our traditional egg roll competition. My friend told me her mom used to talk about each day in the Holy Week as it leads up to the resurrection on Easter Sunday and so I'm going with that idea this year. (hopefully more years too!) So I'll post a quick link to whatever I'm doing in case any of you out there want to do it too.
Tomorrow is Palm Sunday, so we'll read the story in the scriptures and then cut out our own palm leaves and act out the story, taking turns both welcoming Jesus by waving the palms and by being Jesus (is that weird?) by riding on Dad the Donkey.

Here are some pictures of our Ward's Easter Breakfast and Egg Hunt. Super fun!


nicole said...

nice pictures! your good lookin' boys have some cute girl friends :)

mmbateman said...

Thanks for your thoughts Brittney! You are doing such a great job with your kids. I LOVE that picture of Chris with the boys--very precious! They will never be that small again so treasure these times. love, Marie