Wednesday, March 10, 2010

simple joys

With Chris out of town for a short few days on a ski trip with his research group (hard work, huh?) I had to take the kids running with me this morning. Its been a while since we usually work our mornings around each of us getting a chance to exercise without kids. (Yes, I know we're lucky... student life is great sometimes.) I was nervous about being able to still run while pushing the two kids in a stroller but the boys were SO excited to go exercising. Alec insisted on wearing running pants, shoes and jacket.

My buddy Amanda and I chose a route that could split right and be flat in case our 32 and 22 weeks pregnant selves actually could run the whole time, or split left with some good hills to walk the strollers up. We chose left but actually kept running for practically the whole time! What a great way to start the day. Who knows what the rest of today will hold but I always am happier when I can get some good exercise first thing in the morning.

My favorite part was when Alec asked to be let out so he could run too. He ran so fast and so far (maybe 1/4 mile) and so seriously. I had to run faster to keep up. Eventually he slowed and with his recently perfected tired voice said with a big sigh, "Ok, I'm tired now." I told him he did a good job and that he even made me go faster. He liked this thought and commented 10 min later, "I made you go faster. That makes you happy. I make you happy to go faster"

Yes Alec, you do make me happy. You and Charlie.

Charlie, helping Daddy pack for his ski trip.


thom said...

and how could those boys not make you happier? That is a great story to remember later. I had no idea Chris got to go on a skiing trip! Lucky!

dixie said...

I loved this post. What great kids and a wonderful write-up. Thanks!