Monday, April 5, 2010


On Saturday we had a little community egg hunt in between conference sessions. It was pretty crowded so I didn't feel too guilty about giving the kids their third egg hunt on Easter Morning with just our family at home. The best thing about the hunt on Saturday was the face painters. This year, Alec wasn't too scared to get a dragon painted on his face (probably thanks to his seeing his friend, James with one) and that meant Charlie needed one too. The face painter said both boys were out-of-the-ordinary still.

Checkin' out their dragons while we waited to get shuttled home and then again with a mirror at once we got home. They loved their dragons.

Also, we dyed eggs on Saturday and then Sunday we ate a yummy dinner with a few families and the missionaries and we also held our traditional Egg Roll. Chris placed 1st and 2nd as he had the last two un-cracked eggs. He let Alec roll one for him to find the true winning egg. I think all my eggs cracked on their very first rolls, but that is probably good since it mean Alec and Charlie each got to win at least once. Charlie was VERY careful to not crack his eggs while rolling them. He just tried to stand up a few times, while still holding the egg, completely smashing it between his hand and the floor.

We tried to give Charlie a slightly cracked egg to hold once all his eggs got cracked, but he turned the egg around, inspecting for a crack and complained once he found it. He's getting pretty sharp.

As for our Holy Week, We talked about the crucifixion (it actually got pretty detailed with all of Alec's questions) and colored the picture/cutout of Jesus and the tomb from the new nursery manual on Friday. Saturday we talked about how Jesus was still inside the tomb, dead. Sunday we shows more GAP pictures of the resurrected Lord and opened our picture of the tomb to find His body gone and then taped Jesus standing up next to the empty tomb. I think Alec sort of got it. We watched the last 5 min of Finding Faith in Christ movie and tried to talk about how the plastic Easter Eggs can represent the empty tomb and real eggs represent new life and watched a short youtube clip of chicks hatching. Its possible this will cause questions later as Alec puts those eggs together with the eggs we eat. Anyways, that is how I tried to teach and celebrate Easter this year. Now I can use these posts next year for reference.


brittany said...

So cute! I love all the pictures and the egg rolling game. So fun

brittany said...
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thom said...

(that last one was me... sorry)

Fortune Cookies said...

So...that's pretty awesome that you guys do an easter egg roll, too!! Is it a Hardy tradition??! I couldn't remember where/when it started! That's awesome, your kids are so dang cute!