Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whats for dinner tonight?

I just asked Alec what we should have for dinner and he said,

"maybe rice... and chicken... and tortillas ... with frosting on the top"

Well, maybe.

Alec and his playschool friends being astronauts about to blast off in their rocket to the far away planet of Esconderon. Charlie is in there too, Where's Waldo style.


Chelsea & Skyler said...

Hahaha! I love it! It always looks like you guys are having so much fun ALL the time :)

dixie said...

I think that's my problem--those are the things that sound good to me "with frosting on the top"! Thanks for sharing!

Amberly said...

You have a very perceptive child; most foods would taste much better if we topped them with a bit of the good stuff from time to time . . . especially rice, chicken, and tortillas.

Justin said...

Love the where's waldo reference. I see his cheek. :) Hard to miss (and not kiss) cheeks like that!

Fortune Cookies said...

Haha...! Sounds like something Jeff would say. SEriously. He asked me today if we could just eat the frosting out of the jar, haha! P.S. those dragons are so cute, I love how they were fascinated with them! Oh yeah, and Dylan...I think to answer your questions, he's Tressas. (Who does he belong to?? haha) She has 7 kids now, and I think the 5 that are old enough to play the violin, do. They're pretty talented kids!

Radene said...

cute, Brittany, you're the best teacher. Those play school friends look older than they used to be! Growing so fast1

Rach said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad I finally found you! (this is rachel wright, by the way!)
Remember when I saw you a couple years ago and found out that you lived out here in the bay area?
I totally lost your phone number....excuses, excuses
Anyway, if you are still here, lets get together!
you can email me at we would love to see you guys!