Friday, May 28, 2010

Mothers Day

**Wow, its been so long since I've posted. I'm pregnant and really starting to feel it now and that's my excuse. I'll post once a day till I get caught up: mothers day, Chris' birthday, Utah trip, haircuts etc... **

I had such a wonderful mother's day, in fact you could say it was ideal. Breakfast in bed, clean house and kitchen, flowers, a present or two, singing in church, naps when we got home, and a yummy dinner. Somehow Chris did it all this year. :) He's amazing and I love him. Mothering is a beautiful, hard, yet rewarding job. To help me notice, and remember the best parts, I've been keeping a "Happiness Journal" sporadically over the past year or so, where I record some moment of mothering happiness that happened that day. Its been very helpful for me to focus on the sweet moments and laugh at the hard (putting a positive spin on hard moments is fairly amusing in hindsight). Anyways, I'll quote from my journal about this Mother's Day:

--Sunday May 9, 2010- Mothers Day. So many sweet moments today. How to choose? I'll start with yesterday. I had thrown up early in the morning (food poisoning?) and lay in bed till lunch. Chris took the boys to the store and picked up some Mother's Day surprises for me. (With the pretext of getting something for an upcoming presentation) Alec, when they got home, said "let's go tell Mommy!" Chris said, "shh.. it's a surprise" and yet Alec could hardly contain his excitement. He ran upstairs to me and said, "We have a surprise" I asked about Daddy's business cards and Alec just smiled and said "They're by the other flowers" "His business cards?" I asked. "No its... (BIG GRIN AND EFFORT TO HOLD BACK)... a.... surpriiiiisssse." He is getting so big. I love him. I really love being Alec's mom, and Charlie's mom. Two cuter boys do not exist. I love being a mom.--


Libby said...

adorable boys!!

Ryan + Jess said...

Sounds ideal. And what a cute picture of your boys!

thom said...

Keeping a journal like that is always something we think about doing, and have done once or twice, but it is so hard to keep up. Way to go! You will sure be thankful for it later - like to write this post! What cute boys - they could fill an entire journal in a day, easily. It sure was fun to see you guys unexpectedly, and we miss you all so much now!

Aaron said...

such cute kids! Love the idea of the happiness journal- I'll have to try that. Glad your mother's day went awesome- you are such a good mommy!