Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ups and Downs

Man, this girl baby has like jumped my estrogen levels off the charts. Well, probably not literally, but these past few days have been full of weepy nonsensical tears, the sweet munchies, and an easily irritable attitude. Poor boys. Poor Chris. Poor house.

On the upside, we had another fun courtyard party last night for Cinco de Mayo. Catered yummy Mexican food, field games (three-legged race, potato sack race, and a foot race), pinata and ice cream. Put that together with nearly perfect weather (it was maybe 2 degrees too cold) and we had a really nice evening last night.

Back on the downside, Charlie got stung by a bee today! He handled it 10 times better than I did my first sting two years ago. He didn't even cry! His hand didn't swell up so that's good. I hope the bee died. It gave me yet another opportunity to tell Alec and Charlie to leave bees alone. They are dangerous and scary. Its possible I'm over doing it a bit, but its for their own good. I'm not sure how heroic I'll be if they have some angry bees after them.

Still down, Chris has a conference in Toronto next week. Blah.

Ending on an up, I may have figured out a more pleasing-to-look-at digital pattern of a car track quilt I want to make for the boys. (Go figure, it looks better in Word than own fault I'm sure) Its my current project that has occupied a lot of my brain power recently. Even a small car rug costs so much and I do have tons of scrap material that could be used well in a quilt. Hard part? I've never attempted patchwork quilts before, and I'm pretty sure they need to be precisely cut and sewed...something I'm not experienced in. Maybe this will just turn out to be like almost half my project ideas: unfinshed, nay unstarted. My favorite part is designing them and after that I usually lose steam.


Shelly Beth said...

You should totally follow through with the car track! I am sure it will look amazing - it sonds creative and awesome. We bought Isabelle a car rug at Ikea for Christmas that was really cheap. She doesn't use it nearly as much as I thought she was, but maybe someday she will have a brother to show her the way.

dixie said...

Good luck with the mood swings. Hang in there. So glad the bee sting didn't swell up. You are so creative, so I'm sure the car track will be wonderful! If you lose steam before the sewing is done, pass it on to me! I'd love to help.

Stephanie said...

My mom has made a car track quilt for my nephew -- I can see if she used a pattern or just made it from scrathc

Radene said...

Brittney, it is refreshing to hear all of your honest thoughts and sit here myself and think...oh she understands. :-)! Hang in there. Glad you survived without Chris, even though it's NOT fun. Cute masks, looks like the boys had fun making them!