Saturday, May 29, 2010

Utah Surprise

Inspired half by Chris' Grandma and half by my sister's crazy last-minute trip up to WA, we decided to surprise everyone in Utah and drive out for Chris' brother's mission farewell. Edward is leaving to serve the Lord in Merida, Mexico in a week and a half. We loved surprising everyone either at home, or at work. We drove out Thursday night, and then napped/surprised everyone on during the day Friday and had a big family BBQ on Friday night, for Chris' birthday! I felt like a lame pamper-er making him drive all night and help with the kids a bunch after we arrived so I could de-kink my back. At least the party was really fun with lots of family.

Saturday was the exciting AGA event (an early Independent or a late IDES tournament. I'm not sure it was ever decided). Edward pulled off a great victory, with Thom and James close behind. Although, Chris would've won, had you discounted the first 6 holes. The boys had fun hitting balls and making putts when we went to pick the players up.

Sunday was Edward's talk in Church and it was awesome. He had so many people there to support him and his talk was really great. I am impressed and think he will be a fabulous missionary. We had a family dinner after with TONS of people and, as always, yummy-Dixie-food.

Then, we drove home Monday. Crazy short trip. Crazy long drive. This was the first Utah trip where I was not ready to make the drive home again. Oh, and like everyone in Utah already knows, we had blizzard like conditions from Provo to Salt Lake. It's practically JUNE?! The picture doesn't do it justice. The slush splashing out from cars would cover our windshield completely and 100% obstruct our view for a good few seconds.

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dixie said...

I still can't believe that you came and surprised us all! It was so great to have you here. The pictures are wonderful. I love the one of Edward and your two boys. We miss you!