Monday, June 28, 2010

Another Park

We went to a cool park last week, and by that I mean we didn't go to one of the 12 courtyard playgrounds in our housing complex... we actually got in the car and drove to a park. Since the coolest big-kid playground was closed because they were cutting down some huge trees right next to it, we had to settle for the baby/toddler playground which is actually best in my opinion because its safer for them. The boys wore outfits my mom sent in a package recently and I just LOVE the overalls on Charlie. He is such a cute boy with that ever-present mischievous grin. Thanks mom!!

Speaking of Charlie, he is starting to pronounce words so well! He clearly says the ending "t" in "out" and just this afternoon repeated a perfect "almost." He is such a tease and will offer things to people, only to retract it at the last moment. He likes to knock down Alec's towers or close his laptop over and over again wearing his little grin. He LOVES to read books and can last through even the long books. I can't believe he is the same age Alec was when we started him in playschool two years ago in September. Wow, 21 months is such a young age when you realize how young even a 3 and half year old can be.

Here are some pictures from Alec's very first week of playschool in 2008.


Challah if you like handmade! said...

Alec and Charlie are SO STINKIN' CUTE!

Ryan + Jess said...

Time flies! I can't believe how big Alec is now, and how much Charlie has grown up. What cute, cute boys! I'm glad that you are finding time and energy to get out of the house to play a little bit. (Dixie)