Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Shower

Some great friends/visiting teachers threw me a baby shower this week. It was BEAUTIFUL! We had a tea party complete with scones and tarts and cucumber sandwiches etc... Everyone was so sweet and generous to me, and I'm lucky to know them all. Again, I'm struck with how well this ward takes care of us. Now we're pretty much ready for this little girl to come! Except, I still need to wash the clothes and pack a hospital bag.

The strawberry centerpiece was an edible strawberry topiary, where you pulled a strawberry off, dipped it in sour cream and rolled it in the brown sugar base. A-maaaazing. Thank you, Mary!


nethaby said...

you deserve it britt! what a beautiful party! :) i'm excited for your new arrival... maybe katie will be in town when she decides to come?? :D

Radene said...

Wow, what a party! Beautiful. That is the neatest and most delicious looking centerpiece ever! SO GLAD they treated you so nicely! How kind. Good luck with labor...looking forward to the great news!