Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day

We're half-way through the move and so when Alec and I tried to make breakfast in bed for Chris this morning we couldn't find a can opener. Since Chris did most of the random things packing/moving, I tiptoed upstairs to ask him if he knew where it was. He didn't but suggested a pocket knife and after finding it I let Chris show me how to use it. Despite Chris' very accurate description, somehow I couldn't do it right but I didn't want to wake Chris up any more so as a tribute to my Dad I used my creative juices to "make-it-work"... somehow. I kept having images of being starving and stranded somewhere with 1 can and a pocket knife and I KNEW it had to be possible.

I totally destroyed the can, but I did figure it out close to the end of creating my own hole.

Anyways, we had fun giving Chris some special attention today. He totally deserves it for just being the best Dad ever but also for all his hard work with our move yesterday. He kept doing trips, then did a bit of organizing even after I hit my wall and was in bed asleep at 10:00. Amazing. I love him and am so glad I got him to ask me to marry him 6 years ago next week.

Alec and Charlie writing their cards for Chris this morning. (Charlie mostly ate his marker...UGK!)
So proud of their breakfast for Chris, although that also could have just been their acute hunger.


Ryan + Jess said...

So cute! I love the boys bed-head hair :)

Moving is terrible and hard. And never ending. I'm glad you got everything moved and I hope you get things organized again soon!

dixie said...

You are all such troopers. Way to celebrate in the midst of the move. Hope you're all surviving. We do wish we could be there to help...

Amberly said...

Adorable, all of you.