Sunday, June 6, 2010

First and Last

Lasts: Playschool! We've decided to stop our co-op playschool for the summer. The kids had a fun last day with Amy taking them to the Police Station. I'm told Alec did a fantastic job yelling his name into the microphone/loudspeaker/radio thing. We've had a fun year and will both miss the extra activities and quiet time but also be glad for the break.

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First: Chris started his internship at PARC this past week! He's working with a research team. I think Chris role is fairly theoretical with hopes of contributing at a high level with the output for the summer hopefully being a paper outlining his process. (more details may follow as he settles in and finds out more details) We made him cupcakes to celebrate his first day.

FYI. I despise first days on jobs. I feel like I usually end up crying or completely bored. My first "real" job as a waitress when I was almost 16, I spilled a shake and messed up an order and sorta got scolded by my boss and then my mom and little sister walk in and I just lose it and start crying at their sympathetic loving faces. My boss comes over and tells me to take some time in the back and starts being a bit more gentle, but a "real" customer walks in and I have to go take their order and the ladies take one look at my face and say, "First day?" I can only nod and try, unsuccessfully, to hold back more tears. Everyone was really nice about it, but that didn't make the awful feelings go away.


Kjerstine said...

was this the job at hermans?! :) oh high school!

Ryan + Jess said...

Good luck Uncle Chris! We love you guys!