Friday, June 18, 2010

Moving and Cookies

We're moving tomorrow and Monday to the next courtyard over so they can renovate this apartment in July (we're moving now so we don't move the week of our due date). Since we'll also be moving in late July (so we don't have to move again in 9 months when they renovate that apartment) we're trying to pack smart and not even unbox anything we won't need in the next month so its ready to go again for the second move. Luckily both moves are really close and so a lot of things can just be relocated without being put in a box as in drawers of clothes or bins of toys, etc.

Without Playschool to keep Alec entertained, I'm trying to think of fun activities to do together with Charlie. Last week we rode bikes to a nearby park, and went to a local free museum. Early this week we made cookies and I let the kids do the whole rolling out, cutting, out, and decorating on their own.

I knew in advance any dough I gave Charlie would end up in his mouth so I used an egg-less sugar cookie recipe. (Also that means, I could have some!) He did actually cut out and put on the pan a few really great cookies.

Favorite part: eating the dough.

Second favorite part: rolling it flat.

Alec did fantastic. I didn't help him at all and he made some really great shaped cookies. Also, I don't think he ate any dough until the very end.

He did a really good job decorating too. Naturally, any cookie he frosted and "sprinkler-ed"... he ate. My favorite was the "rainbow sprinkler" cookie he made with all the different colored "sprinklers."


Heather said...

nothing like making and eating a cookie that you made and "sprinkler-ed" all by yourself :)

happy moving daze...

dixie said...

You sound so organized for the moves. I wish we could be there to help out. We love making sugar cookies! Looks like you have 2 pros on your hands.