Monday, July 5, 2010

Independance Day Celebrations

We started the festivities off with root beer floats and water play on Saturday. We made these shirts a few days back and the kids were so excited to wear them.

We had a little BBQ on Sunday and stayed up super late to do a few sparklers and "camp out" in our tent on our patio. We fell asleep listening to the fireworks go off. The boys were so nervous of the fireworks. Even though we couldn't see anything from our courtyard we could hear them going off in the distance and upon first pointing out what the noises were, Alec covered his eyes and ears and buried his head in our chest, absolutely refusing to open his eyes. Charlie, ever so loyal, followed suit by squinting his eyes closed and bowing his head.

Charlie fell asleep fairly quickly (it was 9:45pm!) but Alec took a while. Chris and I fell asleep with them, but by 2:00am, I wasn't getting good sleep and decided to head up to my comfortable bed. Chris stayed with them until they woke up at 6:15am. You can bet we're all having long naps today.

This morning we had a ward breakfast and program (Chris is adamant that it should be called brunch since our first experience last year showing up on time and not being able to eat for another hour and half because of the program first and lines for food). Alec sang a few songs with the Primary in the program. He did fantastic!! He sang every word and did every action. I am SO proud of him. Chris and I sang in the adult choir. Here is Alec practicing the Yankee Doodle song a few days before. It was just moments after getting up, so his voice sounds pretty low.

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Ryan + Jess said...

So cute!! That was really brave of you to camp out! I'm impressed that Brittney made it until 2:00. Way to go. Happy Independence Day! (dixie)