Friday, July 9, 2010

Killing Time

We're just all hanging in limbo here and trying to keep busy with anything. The boys and I have filled our days with parks, water play, library visits, errands, random activities and walks.

I made my mom's peanut butter balls with a little extra flour so we could play with it like play-dough before eating it. After giving out pretty big balls of the dough to each kid, I realized, I'd have to be prepared for them to eat it all and was able to sneak a bit away from Alec and Charlie without them noticing it.

I don't think I took enough away from Charlie. At a few points, he looked pretty full/sick.

This week we had extra fun killing time with my cousin, Katie. We got to pick up and drop her off at the airport (always a highlight with the boys) for her swim camp here at Stanford. We even ran into her at the pool on Monday. She played with us yesterday when her camp ended and after getting over being shy, Alec and Charlie enjoyed playing soccer with her and building train tracks. In the prayer over breakfast, Alec blessed that "Katie could come to our house for a few days and ride on an airplane." We really loved having Katie here even for such short bits.

The video is probably a bit boring for most of you but as Alec's mom, I just LOVE watching him use his body so athletically and focused for so long. With all the world cup we've been watching and some inter-mural basketball games of Chris' Alec and Charlie have caught on to the guarding/jumpy moves in between kicks/shots. I don't think I caught it obviously on this movie but it is pretty dang cute.

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Heather said...

nothing boring about it!! What's not to love? Just adorable...