Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sunday Best Photo Shoot

I had so much fun getting Gwendolyn ready for church last Sunday. Couldn't let the day/outfit pass without a photo shoot. Sorry this post is a week over due, we moved again on Monday, had my Golden Birthday and made a major purchase so its been a bit crazy around here to say the least. It would've been 100 times more awful if Grandma Dixie wasn't here to help out. We've LOVED having her and her delicious cooking at our house and we're sorry to have made her do so much heavy lifting during the move.

She's always sticking her tongue out...... although this is what I get when I ask her to smile:
Clearly she's had enough pictures and just wants to sleep.
Oh and its Grandma Dixie's beautiful quilt in the background. We are so thankful for it and think its so beautiful.


tericksen said...

She is SO gorgeous! I see BRITTY in her.
Love you guys!

Shelly Beth said...

So cute. Girls are so fun to do photo shoots with. You guys moved AGAIN? You are such a trooper. Your boys are adorable btw. I love Charlie in the little video below. He reminds me a lot of my Aubree. Such blonde hair.

thom said...

that little girl is so cute! I am glad Grandma's been there to help you guys out! We can't wait to see you all!

kelsey said...

Oh my goodness. Brittney, she is so adorable!!! Love these pictures.

Radene said...

Beautiful! Love the picts.