Monday, August 9, 2010

6 years

Chris and I have been married for 6 years now. In some ways that sounds long and in others it seems like it should be longer. We had fun reminiscing about our wedding day and looking through pictures. We watched our wedding DVD my brother and sister-in-law put together for us (THANKS JARED AND ASHLEY!!) with the boys and they just loved watching it.

After watching the movie and looking through our pictures Alec said, "I want to get married." and after explaining how he will someday when he finds someone he loves and someone who loves him and then he can start a family just him and his best friend. Then Alec said, "I want to marry baby Gwen." Chris and I chuckled a bit and so Alec explained, "when she gets bigger."

Alec and Charlie are still really great brothers to Gwendolyn. They both love to put her pacifier back in ("only if she's crying") and they both love to pat her on the head and say, "Hi baby!" ("only if she's awake") and they both love to hold her ("only if you sanitize and sit on the couch") Here, they are all enjoying tummy time.

I love being married to Chris. He is the most perfect husband and father for me. I wonder where we'll be 6 years from now... as long as Chris is there with me I don't care where it is.


The Breakwell Family said...

Hey Brittney! Happy Anniversary! I have been horrible about blogging for a while now so it is fun to see the latest on your cute family. Your little girl (and boys) are so darling. Next time you are in Utah, it would be fun to get together even to have lunch and catch up! Take Care!

Aaron, Cera and Jaylen said...

You two are cute! Congrats on 6 years!!!

Ryan + Jess said...

The pictures are wonderful--it's great to think back and count the blessings. Congratulations on 6 years! (dixie)

brooke said...

Cute! I love you guys. One of our favorite couples. You are always so sweet to each other. Two great make an awesome match. Congrats! Weird to think we met soon after we were both married. Miss you guys.

thom said...

Congratulations! And it sounds like the boys are incredible older brothers to baby Gwen. We can't wait to see you all!