Saturday, August 21, 2010


Alec couldn't ask for a better younger brother. Charlie pays him the best compliment by always trying to copy him. If Alec screams something, so will Charlie. If Alec goes outside without shoes on, so will Charlie. If Alec is content to sit and read books by himself, so is Charlie. If Alec wears his basketball shorts, Charlie wants to wear his too.

Recently Charlie has exploded in his language development. He's trying to say most everything and gets really close a lot of the times. Even without all the words, he's very efficient at getting what he wants with his body language or his own efforts. He's figured out how to climb out of his crib very safely without any supporting furniture. He does the best car, plane and horse sounds. He dribbles a soccer ball extremely well. He loves to wear jackets, hats and pajamas. Far longer than the norm for children his age, he'll be content to sit with a pile of books and go through them. Although, he's also a bit destructive and loves to tear off any bits of the book that will come off, especially the spines. He is so helpful and happily hands me diapers, puts his dishes in the sink, turns off fans and finds our shoes simply if I ask him.

Charlie loves his independence and likes to wipe up his own spills, pour/dish out his own food, sing songs all by himself (even though he usually only knows the last word in each phrase), and do whatever Alec does on the playground by himself. He's very proficient at figuring out a way to do that at his own level (so if Alec climbs on the outside of the playground, Charlie will follow on the inside). After most feats, he'll happily exclaim with his arm held out wide in Ta-Da fashion, "Did it! self!"

Here is the promised video of Charlie's pedaling abilities. Super cute.

Oh and one of the things I love about Chris is how excited he gets about each of our kids' milestones. He whoops and hollers and yells for me to watch as he runs for the camera. These kids have one proud daddy.

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dixie said...

What a boy! So darn cute!!