Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homecoming surprise

Gwen and I had a wonderful time up in WA for one cousin's mission farewell and another cousin's wedding. Chris expertly managed the boys at home for the second weekend in a row.

My mom and sisters and I were in charge of the flower centerpieces for the wedding reception. We had so much fun putting together 21 bouquets of flowers! None of us knew much about what we were doing, but we cut, de-leafed, tied, drooped, arranged and trimmed with the best of them. If I can manage to grab some pictures of the final product from either my mom or Sarah, I will. Here is one of Gwen surrounded by the flowers after we cut and sorted the initial bouquets.

Upon coming home, I was told there were some surprises for me, "one outside and one inside" according to Alec. I smiled in anticipation of something like: the patio being swept and the house cleaned up, or cookies on the table or some equally wonderful, cute, small surprise. What I did NOT expect in the least, was Chris to accomplish two big wood projects!

I found this outside:

and this inside:
I am in love with my new space-saving shelves and our "home" for our stroller and my sweet little helper boys and my amazing Chris. I loved being there for my Grandpa's funeral last weekend and Emily's farewell and Bethany's marriage, but most of all I LOVE being home with my family.


Amy said...

What cool home improvements! Glad to hear that you and Gwen are having lots of special girl time.

Ryan + Jess said...

Those are some great surprises! So glad that you are back home and that all went well--both for you and for the ones at home. (dixie)