Friday, August 20, 2010

She smiles!

Two days ago, right before bed time, we were all crowding around Gwen trying to see her smile. She looked like she's been trying to for a while, you could see it in her eyes. Right on cue (we used her as a distraction for Alec's impending tantrum) she gave us all a smile! And then another one just for Alec since he actually missed her first. It was a fun family moment and I can tell it is one of many more to come.

In that picture she's sleeping, but you get the general idea. It looks even more stunning when her eyes are open and in on the action. Also, she loves to have her hands tucked up under chin whenever she's feeding or sleeping. It just looks so peaceful. I can hardly believe how big she's getting, 6 weeks tomorrow!

For an exciting little preview, Charlie has mastered pedaling! He's been close for a while, but now he can start and pedal on by himself. Video, pictures and more details coming.

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