Friday, October 22, 2010

Birthday Boy!

Our little Charles Leland is 2 years old today. I can hardly believe it. He thinks he's 5, if you ask him how old he is, he'll tell you so. His voice is so adorable. I even think his occasional, "Doe away, Mom!" is sort of cute. I know he really doesn't mean it.

Chris told me he wanted Charlie to feel special today and I think we did that. Alec started the birthday prep yesterday by telling him (even before talking to Chris or I) that the next day would be his birthday. When the boys woke up we asked them if they knew what today was, and Charlie said, "my duhday!" Super cute. We had a new (to him) Radio Flyer trike waiting for him downstairs and the present Alec wanted to give him - a train that goes by itself.

I taught playschool for Alec and his friends today and Charlie joined us and did his best job yet of listening and acting big. Immediately after we had a little indoor (because of rain!) picnic party for Charlie. We had helium balloons and cookie dough cupcakes/cake. Charlie loves cookies.

He loved getting basketball shorts (like Alec wears all the time) and brand new rain boots! He refused to take them off for nap time.

Then came a Primary Program Practice Pizza Party. Whew. What a day. I enjoy being Charlie's mom so much and want to hold and cuddle and kiss his cherubic cheeks all day. Sometimes I do and sometimes he likes it. We love you, Charles.


Shelly Beth said...

Sounds like a specail day for a fun, independent, and lovable boy. I can really feel his personality in a lot of the posts you do. He is a sweetie. Love those cheeks too!

Heather said...

Gotta enjoy the love so evident between these brothers :)

Great feeling to wear new really just don't want to take them off!!!

Glad it turned out to be such an amazingly wonderful day for your adorable birthday boy...

Chelsea said...

Your kids are so stinkin' cute!

dixie said...

The cupcakes/cake look wonderful! Gourmet chef! And Charlie is just so stinkin' cute! We miss you all. Thanks for sharing so many pictures of the special day.