Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bitter Sweet

But mostly sweet, so maybe I should say Sweet Bitter. We bought a washer and a dryer! Someone from the ward was selling their hardly used super nice washer for a good deal and so we found another good deal on a dryer on craigslist. That means no more trips to the laundry with a baby in a wrap, 2 kids stuffed in a wagon with 7 loads of laundry. Ok, that only happened a few times. Mostly Chris did the laundry (all 7 loads) after bedtime. But at least it means no more pausing our evening entertainment for 40 minutes so Chris can go switch the loads and wait for that one washer that takes 20 minutes longer than the rest. And no more realizing we forgot that stinky bib stuck behind the highchair forcing ourselves to smell it for another week until we do the next batch. Maybe now I'll wash my sheets and towels more. Maybe folding laundry (if I can manage to do it after each load) won't take 4 hours. This is all the sweet side. So goodbye to this:

And hello to (eventually a cleaner) this:

(Eventually) Beautiful, right? What could possibly be bitter about getting to do laundry at home while kids are napping? Well, its all about space. I have to give up my sewing station and kitchen cart. That doesn't sound so bad except I won't be able to leave my machine out to easily jump back into a project with the small 15 minute windows I have to sew with every couple of days. And at night when I have more time, I have to hurdle the "I don't feel like doing anything after putting all the kids to bed" feeling and get out everything to work on a project. Its already hard enough to muster up the energy to simply sit down at the sewing machine and remember what I was doing. Plus, I have to find room somewhere else in my tiny apartment for all my sewing and playschool supplies, microwave, toaster-oven and some food storage buckets.

I wish I had a picture of my sewing/microwave corner but I didn't get one before we put the washer/dyer back there and I don't feel like scouring through all my many pictures in hopes that I might have one somewhere.

Boy, now I sound really grouchy and ungrateful. I think I really will be glad for the washer and dryer and I'm sure it won't take too long to figure out a new sewing system. Also, I probably won't be sewing as much for the next 6 months or so anyway once I finish my current (TOTALLY EXCITING) project since I tend to sew in spurts.


dixie said...

Wow. That is an exciting purchase. Congratulations. I know you have been looking forward to this day forever! There are certainly trade-offs. Good luck working out all the space constraints!

Ryan + Jess said...

Good for you! And good luck getting organized again. It feels like as soon as you get on top of things, something changes again, right?

Shelly Beth said...

Yeah for a washer and dryer! I can't believe you guys went this long without one. What a great purchase. I feel you on the "never wanting to do anything once the kids are in bed" syndrome. And there is never enough space for anything in a home. Even when your space doubles in size, you somehow fill it up and don't have room for anything. Anyways, I feel your joy and your pain. Happy laundry days and hopefully sewing days too!

Anne said...

I totally understand where you're coming from. The space is so nice, plus it is nice to get it all done at once. These days I feel like I'm doing laundry all day long. Maybe we should just meet at the laundry mat/basement to hang out for old times sake.