Friday, October 15, 2010

Illustrators and authors

Last weekend there was a big book event with free books, crafts, food etc... for all the graduate students and their families. The craft table had supplies for the kids to make their own books. I started helping Charlie draw/write down his favorite activities and Alec was scribbling something next to us. It wasn't till we were done that I asked Alec about what he was drawing and I realized his pictures were both original and they looked pretty darn close to what he said they were supposed to be! I was blown away.

And then, today for playschool my friend helped the kids make a similar book, but this time they also wrote the words themselves to their pictures. I am so impressed with all that Alec is learning and realize how big he's getting. As I type this, I'm trying to ignore the fact that he "accidentally" threw something on Gwen earlier and that he just woke up Charlie early from his nap and they are now throwing things around their room... books maybe? It sounds hard. Man, did I say he was growing up?

AHH!! Now they are throwing everything down the stairs. If I ignore it, do you think it'll stop? I know, I know... "probably not." Well, I guess some things like obedience and common courtesy take longer to learn than pencil coordination.


MandaMommy said...

How funny! I didn't realize that was the craft at the book event! (That also makes me feel a little lame, but I promise I didn't copy it...)

Heather said...

Don't worry...common courtesy & obedience WILL come...keep teaching :)

You're doing a wonderful job, Brittney. Mothering is worth all of the effort...for sure! LOVE YOU

dixie said...

We can all focus on the long list of positives for now. Hang in there with the rest of it!