Wednesday, October 6, 2010

last bit of summer weather

A week or so ago, we had some crazy hot weather (for this area) like practically 100. I was happy to get a chance to break out the hose and pools one last time. We combined a few hoses to make it reach all the way to the sandbox so the kids could make rivers and puddles in the sand. They LOVE this. The next day we filled up a big patio pool and tried to compare how much water each activity actually takes up. The pool filled 550 gallons of water, and it took shorter to fill up than we let the kids have the hose on in the sand. So... yes, its pretty wasteful and yes, I'll stop it sooner next time. Good thing we don't live in Arizona or some other place that can't sustain its water usage (Maybe I should've started that sentence with "hopefully" since I actually don't even know where we stand on that issue here). Environmental impacts aside, these activities meant I could put Gwen in her swimming suit for the first time, even though she didn't get wet a bit. A-dorable!


kelsey said...

Oh my goodness. I wish I could get a hold of little Miss Gwen and kiss her to pieces. She is sooooo cute. Love the swim suit.

Heather said...

Don't know which is my favorite pic of Gwen...from the front with her adorable smile, or the sweet shot from the back :)

What a blessing to have water to "swim in a pool to keep yourself cool"

Love you all!!!

mmbateman said...

Keep enjoying and recording all these precious and fun moments with your little ones. They are so adorably cute. Little Gwen is growing!