Thursday, October 7, 2010

This old man

I did a decent job of cleaning the house one day a while back and the next day found myself without any obvious household work to do. So, the kids and I decided to make a movie. I tried to think of a theme that was simple and easy and the song, "This Old Man" came to mind. We made/gathered some costumes and props then began shooting. Three quarters of the way through, Alec got tired of doing it, but by then we'd attracted the attention of our courtyard friends and they helped us finish it. A few hours later (after Chris came home to offer (technical) support), we had a movie and invited those friends over for a big fancy Movie Premiere. The movie is having trouble loading, but here is a pictures of the Premiere.

I'll see about getting the movie somehow. Its pretty big I think. Ok, so I had to compress it to 1/15 of its original size, lets see how it looks:


UGH! the resolution is terrible, you can't even see Charlie's awesome expressionless face as the Old Man. Oh well, I'll have Chris try to fix it when he gets home.


nicole said...

youtube! this is awesome!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE IT!!! So. cute.

brittany said...

super cute! You are so creative. I love it

Amy said...

I love it! I'm jealous I didn't get to be involved. What a fun activity.

dixie said...

My favorite part is "this old man came rolling home" when they roll all over each other. Charlie is awesome as the old man! I can see you all have a future in film.