Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bike Rides

The bike Alec was borrowing from our good friends got swapped with a bigger bike they're letting us borrow. Result = Alec's in heaven. He loves going "zoomin" fast and can actually go long distances on it... like super long. A few weekends ago we went on a family bike ride that ended up being 9 miles! We rode under train tracks, over freeways and out to the Bay where we watched airplanes take off and land at the small local airport and ate cold pizza for lunch. Alec never complained once about it being long. Only right after we started for the return trip, I asked him to go faster and catch up to Daddy. He said, "I can't, my legs hurt." He soon got into a good rhythm and was happy the whole 4.5 mile journey home.

Charlie was SUCH a trooper smashed back in the trailer with Gwen in her car seat! I didn't think he'd fit or like it much even if we did manage to squeeze him in. Apparently, he's willing to put up with anything if it means a bike ride. He loved it. We only had to stop once and ask him to not touch Gwen's face or try and feed her pretzels.

Gwendolyn enjoyed most of it, especially the part where I stopped to feed her real quick so she'd stop crying. I can hardly believe how flexible I'm getting in feeding her whenever. I was such a clock watcher with Alec and sorta Charlie. It wouldn't be out of place to have heard me say, "No not yet, not for another 10 minutes!" Now, sometimes I feed her after just 1.5 hours. I'm not sure if I'm getting all soft because Gwen's a girl (totally fair, huh?) or if I'm just too crazy to keep track of hours.

Welp, someone is dropping the toilet lid down over and over again and I hear some metallic clangs and heavy thumps. I suppose I should go upstairs for the 4th time since putting the boys to bed and... what? I have no more threats left. No more options for consequences. Tomorrow I think I'll ask my friend Petros to change the door knob around so I can lock them in their room. Am I cruel?


MandaMommy said...

Yay! Let's do some rides together!

dixie said...

I'm so impressed with Alec's bike-riding skills! That is so great that you can do some really fun rides together. And the picture of Charlie and Gwen's car seat in the bike trailer needs no words! Cute, cute Charlie!

Heather said...

talk about wholesome recreation!!