Monday, November 15, 2010

Football Party

Last Saturday (oh sheesh, maybe its two or three Saturdays by now), Stanford had a big football game. Both Chris and I wanted to watch it, but somebody needed to be out watching the kids on the playground. So we compromised and watched the game on the laptop out on a blanket. Funny thing is once we did that the boys didn't want to play on the playground. They just wanted to watch the game with us on the blanket. It was pretty chilly so we bundled in sweatshirts and blankets and snacked on fishes and animal crackers. The video streaming on the laptop wasn't the best and sometimes it would stop. The boys would yell "Go!" and hit the blanket by the laptop. They were really entertained watching the game. After a few drives with the boys NOT losing interest in watching we decided to bring the party inside where it was warmer.

I really enjoy watching college football... but mainly just the teams I'm attached to - BYU and Stanford. I can sometimes care about UW or watching USC lose, or Utah. Its fun to have Stanford be so awesome, and for BYU to pick it up a bit.