Thursday, November 25, 2010

Home for the Holiday

We're staying home this year for Thanksgiving. Chris and I asked each other every night for about 3 weeks, "So, what are we doing for Thanksgiving?" We kept asking it right up until Monday morning when we stayed mainly because we didn't plan to go and because of the scary snowy drive we would've had.

It was mainly my wish to stay. My life is crazy enough right now, adjusting to life away from home, living out of suitcases and a pack n' play sounded difficult. Life at home with Chris around more and fun hikes and outings sounded nice. The weather hasn't cooperated 100% but its doing a decent job. We've found fun things to do despite the rain and below freezing temperatures. Our goal was one fun thing a day and relaxing (as much as the kids let us) the rest of the time.

Monday - Bus ride to the train station, train ride to a nearby town and a walk Target to pick out Christmas presents for the cousin exchanges. Reverse it.

Tuesday - Chris to the golf course and the kids and I to visit friends and make home-made, soft, pretzels.

Wednesday - Walk to the post office to mail cousin gifts.

Thursday - Run 10K, Give thanks and EAT.

Friday - 3 mile hike north of the Bay.

Saturday - Take the family to the football game and set up the Christmas tree.


Shelly Beth said...

Sounds like an amazing way to spend the holiday!

dixie said...

We're glad you've got so many fun things planned, but we still miss you!!