Saturday, November 6, 2010

Its about time

I finally cut Chris' hair. I was going to cut it a few months ago when I cut the boys' hair but then we had the idea for him to be Little John for Halloween. He decided he needed to keep the beard and shaggy hair for his costume. Any reason will do, right? Good thing I think he looks great with both long and short hair.

Its also about time for another Gwenyrs photo shoot. This time Charlie helped me out by taking the first picture and helping me get her to smile, eventually!

After all that, Charlie squeezes his way onto my lap too and spontaneously says, " I love you, Gwen" and gives her a sweet hug. Only it actually sounded like " I uhv oo den"and it was more of a mauling wrestling move than a hug. Either way, it was dang cute.

I wish moments like that could last forever. This one ended only seconds later when Charlie started crashing his hands on either sides of Gwen's head, like he was playing the cymbals.

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Ryan + Jess said...

Thank goodness you can blog about the micro-seconds of perfection and remember! And that's a nice-looking haircut. (dixie)