Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Is it really November? How come my kids are still running around in swim suits when the sprinklers go off in 80 degree weather? Oh, yeah, we live in California and its nice. So I thought a month ago was our last breath of Summer but looks like its having a hard time letting go. I don't mind.

Before you get too jealous, be advised that our weather is going to back to its Winter state next week with highs in the mid 60's. It may even sprinkle on Sunday and Thursday. :) I love living here.I'm not sure what Charlie was doing exactly. I can only guess he liked getting his hair wet in the puddle.

He even seemed to like the dirty water dripping down his face when he lifted his head up. Believe it or not, but below is a happy Charlie.

My sister told me she hasn't seen a recent picture of Gwendolyn on the blog. She's right! I left her happily doing tummy time while I went upstairs to put Charlie down for a nap and settle Alec in our bedroom for quiet time. Upon returning downstairs a few minutes later, I found Gwen fast asleep on her tummy. No crying or fussing.


Heather said...

simply adorable...

dixie said...

Yes. We are envious. But we're so glad you get to enjoy it!