Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Updated Note to Self

Thanks everyone for your comments, support, funny emails, treat bags and notes. It does help. All of it. So, Self, go ahead and write those negative posts every once in a while because you'll feel loved and eat yummy food and hear about how awesome you are.

Besides, I think I heard somewhere that crying actually does help you feel better. Even if nothing changes, you'll feel happier... after the headache goes away.

In case anyone wants to know, today wasn't necessarily any better but I almost feel as if I'm watching the chaos happen from the end of a longer tunnel lined with the motivational stickers of the phrases everyone has told me: hang in there, lets try, good days come back, good luck, maybe today will be better, you're an awesome mom, a real person, you can do it!

Thanks again.


dixie said...

We're certainly thinking about and praying for you. It makes me feel like coming for a visit to help out for a bit. Take a minute and do something that makes you laugh--it may help things look a bit brighter. Love you.

Renee said...

Thanks for your honesty! I don't think I have the guts to admit to my bad days on my own blog. I know what you mean about how one day everything is a fight with your kids, and then the next the same things just don't bother you.
You are really an amazing mother, not to mention Sunbeam teacher! We never want to let you go! (But we will don't worry.)
Please send Charlie or Charlie and Alec over to play with Will sometime. Will gets lonely and I'm not very good at scheduling play dates. Like I said, Will only pays attention to his toys when there's other kids around!