Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas traditions

It struck me this week how much my boys still have to learn about the world. Like all the traditional Christmas songs, for one thing. We've watched some youtube clips and Alec wanted to play some of them he heard on the piano. Contact paper, some colored paper and markers helped us work it all out. Here he is playing the chorus to "Jingle Bells." He never ceases to amaze me.

Also, we had our ward Christmas party last weekend and the boys sat on Santa's lap! It took watching practically EVERY other kid in our ward do it, before they wanted to.. but it happened! Mostly it was because Charlie was brave enough to go anywhere as long as Alec was right behind him1` and Alec has to be brave enough to do anything Charlie does. I think Alec's words were, "Charlie wants to sit on his lap, and I will hold his hand." Its great they can help each other out like that. There was also a yummy pork dinner and a funny little program, which I participated in. It was fun to do and people at least laughed a little so I think it worked out ok. Alec stood on the stage with his fingers in his mouth (a recent habit!) while the rest of the primary children sang some songs. Oh, I love Christmas time!


brittany said...

Way to go Alec! That was amazing. Hooray for Christmas time and braving Santa Claus.

Radene said...

cute! go Alec!