Monday, December 6, 2010

grabbing toes

Gwendolyn found her toes a while ago and loves to hold them. She also loves to suck on blankets or clothes and almost always has her right pointer finger in her mouth. She's doing a great job sitting up in small spurts, and if we get the position just right, she can sit for a few minutes!

Alec LOVES to entertain her at any time during the day but especially during his "quiet time." If Gwen is awake he'll pile toy after toy in front of her or just lay next to her playing peek-a-boo with a blanket. Charlie also loves to give Gwenyrs attention and often asks to hold her. When he's finally got her on his lap he'll use a special baby voice and say, "I uhv oo, den."

Chris and I were worried that our younger kids would feel the lack of parental attention, but are happy to know that they'll still have fun interactions with their siblings. She even seems to prefer Alec's antics! Alec got her to all out laugh weeks ago and I still get just barely a chuckle with my most silliest efforts.


Heather said...

oh the joys of family life & precious children!!! Thanks for the fun video...makes us extra anxious to see you all soon :)

brittany said...

What great older brothers! It is so amazing how much more babies react to kids than adults. Another reason why we should strive to become more kid-like.

dixie said...

Beautiful pictures and video. She is growing up too fast!!