Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tree, teeth and ear infections

We cut down our Christmas tree yesterday! It was really muddy and a bit cold, but Alec really seemed enjoy it. He asked me, "can we bring it inside? in this house?" It was dark (not necessarily late) when we got home and so the kids went to bed almost immediately. Before going to downstairs to sleep, Alec left me with instructions to "put lights all around the tree so when I see it in the morning its all pretty." My brother Jordan and my sister, Sarah helped fulfill that request and Alec's face in the morning was worth all the effort it took to watch them decorate!
Seems like Gwendolyn is almost an entirely different baby, here in Washington. I'll blame it all on teething. She's been way more interested in food recently so we decided to try out solid foods last week. She did so well! She went super crazy for each bite and even started to cry in between spoonfuls of rice cereal. On her second chance of eating a few days later, she did equally as good and finished the entire bowl. Her third attempt was less successful, since she just wanted to blow raspberries after each spoonful, spraying me and anything nearby with rice cereal.

Here she is doing a raspberry:

Still, she smiles whenever she's not eating, sleeping or crying and wins the heart of anyone who is the recipient of her huge grins. I can hardly believe she's 5 months, going on 6!

Charlie has an ear infection (I think). He's had a lowish fever since we got here and is super duper fussy, hardly has an appetite, and asks to go to bed for naps and bedtime. I wish my family could see what the real Charlie is like but hopefully he'll get well soon and be back to his normal self. At least, Chris and I get to cuddle with him a lot more. I love to hold him on my lap and have him lean back on me while we watch a movie or read a book. I also think its cute the way he says, "I need my daddy." I do wish he'd say that for me sometimes but I can't blame him since "I need my Chris" too.

Here he is ignoring my requests to smile at the camera because he wasn't feeling well. Poor kid. I really hope he feels better soon.


Katie B. said...

Oh... No fun to be sick. Congrats to Gwen!

Renee said...

Poor Charlie! Will has been the same way. He's been sick for over a week now and is getting depressed from not being able to play with any other kids. Good thing you are with your family for the extra company.

brittany said...

I can see so much of Brittney in Gwen. She'll grow up to be one beautiful girl.

Give Charlie hugs and kisses for us. Poor kid.

dixie said...

So sorry that Charlie is sick. Hopefully he's feeling better by now. Cute Gwen and her raspberries and rice cereal. We miss you all.

Radene said...

I love that picture at the tree farm. It brings back so many memories. I bet it smelled so good! So fun you got to go pick one out and cut it down! Fun!