Monday, January 31, 2011

We finally made the switch

Well, hang the bunk beds! I couldn't wait any longer. I decided to move Gwendolyn out of our room and her tiny bassinet to the crib in the boys' room. So Alec and Charlie are now sharing the twin bed, with their heads at either end. They both seem to really like it and after the first night of giggling for hours and jumping and pushing and switching places and needing to take Gwen out to fall asleep back in her bassinet, they've held up pretty well. In fact, last night all three kids fell asleep in the same room at the same time, eventually. Big sigh. I think this is going to work.

The day I decided to do this, I got an email back from the bed people saying they are planning on shipping our bed this Wednesday! I'm still not going to start believing it until I have the tracking number, and even then, I'll still be skeptical until it arrives on my front porch. But thats just how life is sometimes, huh?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who needs gel?

Charlie does his own hair with all natural products like yogurt, milk, cheese, beans, tomato sauce, etc. Ok, pretty much whatever food we're eating. After, sometimes even during, a meal he feels the need to rub his hands all over his head. He'll grab his hair and try and stick it out. Sometimes he even uses his plate or fork.

If he's lucky, its bath day (Wednesday and Saturdays). If he's not lucky he gets a wash out in the sink, and if he's the opposite of lucky I don't do anything to get it out. A few times I've been asked if Charlie just woke up or took bath (his hair will look like it got all sweaty during a hot nap or something... which actually often is the case too) but a lot of the time its not his nap at all, its his food-styling skills.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now that Alec is 4

We're starting to see some of the household habits that I remember seeing in my family growing up. Things that come with older kids. Like, random spills on the table or floor from Alec pouring himself a drink in the middle of the day. Or clothes strewn about the kids' room from changing out of pants and into shorts as the day gets warmer. Or looking through our pictures and seeing a bunch that a kid must have taken, like the following:

Often, Alec will see something cool he's done and want to take a picture of it. Most of the time, he wants to take a picture of people, usually of Gwen.

Sometimes we'll get asked to pose for some.

I'm glad everything is digital now, so we can enjoy seeing the pictures Alec takes without having to pay for them all to be developed!

Friday, January 21, 2011

California January

We've had such excellent weather this past week. There have been many times while I'm standing around in the courtyard and realize parts of me actually feel hot because the sun is shining on me through my pants or jacket. It'll probably go back to being colder and rainy but this warmer spell is nice.

We drove out to Soquel, by Santa Cruz, to pick up a bike we found on Craigslist as a belated birthday present for Alec. Its looks really boy-ish, which is a change from all the borrowed girls bikes he's used since outgrowing the balance bike. We decided to stop by the beach in Capitola since we were so close and we're all glad we did because it was super nice! The best beach weather we've had since moving here. It was still "cold" but the sun was shining and it wasn't windy.

It is so nice living here and I'm starting to feel the need to live it up as best we can while we're still here since we're beginning to see the light at the end of this long student tunnel. No, we don't have a graduation date or even month but maybe this is the year!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Charlie just makes me smile with his adorableness. He is too cute for words. I had a short lived, spur of the moment potty training try some afternoon last week. Charlie was all about it for the afternoon, but by the evening, both of us were losing steam. We're shelving it for the moment, and I'm TOTALLY ok with it. It was a sort of "test the water" try and I successfully found out that it was too cold to dive in just yet.

We tried going commando for a little bit, but I, and Charlie, seemed to like the idea of having something on his little body so I pulled out an old shirt of mine and tied a belt around his waist to keep him from tripping over it. He wanted to go outside and I told him he at least needed a jacket and this is what I found when he told me he was ready.

I love his facial expression and the way he pulled the vest over his head for no reason. He certainly is going through a disobedient/completely-ignore-things-I-say-to-him stage, but sheesh, this is one cute kid.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

movie seats

The boys get so excited whenever they get to watch movies. Charlie will jump around with both fists in the air screaming, "Yay! watch a moooovie!" Sometimes I'll say yes to the ever present question, "can we watch a movie?" just so I can see this sight. They always have to sit on that end of the couch, right smack next to each other. Our couch has lots more space, but their "movie seats" are always like that. I love how much they enjoy being together.

Yes, Charlie has his finger up his nose. He does it all the time! Just like some people play with their pockets or twirl their hair, Charlie likes his finger in his nose. Chris has told me we have to be extra careful around Charlie because he seems to have a propensity to stick things in his nose and ears. I guess Chris has pulled out a bean a couple of times and a pea once.

Monday, January 10, 2011

6 months!

Gwendolyn is 6 months old. I can hardly believe it. I mostly can hardly believe she's still sleeping in a cardboard bassinet next to my bed. I bet she could point her toes and reach her arms up to touch the top and the bottom at the same time. Also, she has rolled over from her back to her tummy twice so we'll be moving her to the pack n' play until the bunk bed is here (it is finished and just waiting to be shipped maybe sometime at the end of this week... so I hear) She can sit indefinitely, but doesn't know how to purposefully get out of it and will pout and make the saddest faces and sounds when she's tired of sitting.

She's eating solids like a champ and the days that we forget, she'll retaliate with waking up more often at night. She's eaten rice and oatmeal cereal and green beans so far.

She is such a sweet and patient little sister, smiling at all of the antics her older brothers do to make her laugh or smile. She is mild tempered and usually only cries if she's tired, hurt or hungry (at the most, every 3 hours all day and night). Both boys love to entertain her and bring her toys to play with. Alec loves to feed her (and himself) baby food or sippy cups of water.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The New Year

I love fresh starts. They are so full of hope and possibilities. I suppose that's why I loved moving around so much as a little kid and why I love this time of year. Just imagining everything that will happen this year, everything I will accomplish, how much the kids will grow, its exciting!

Its also fun for me to realize that scripture study and exercise won't be on my list of new goals this year. They usually have a prime spot, right at top, but I'm actually doing ok with those already! See, self, progress! I guess there is hope for some of the other things I've been working on forever like patience and maintaining a clean home. The new list toppers are personal prayer, and an organized-clutter free house (HA! right?) to name a few. I'm a big dreamer I know.

So, Bring on 2011, I'm happy to see you!