Thursday, December 30, 2010

Alec turned 4!

Alec's birthday can get lost in the hooplah of Christmas, but I had big plans to make it super special for him. Then I got a wee bit sick. I was practically back to normal the next day, but still... it made for a low key birthday. Luckily, my parents swooped in and helped give Alec the only he thing he asked for: a vanilla-rainbow -and-our-family-standing-under-the-rainbow cake. (He also wanted strawberries on top, but we didn't have any.) Alec had a big grin on his face and chuckled all cute and low whenever anyone said, "Happy Birthday!" to him. He didn't seem to care or notice that there weren't any birthday games or decorations.

Our camera ran out of batteries before we could get any picture of Alec's sweet 4 year old face. (more evidence that I was basically out of commission). But we did get 1 picture. Hopefully I can get more from my parents. I hope to throw a little party for Alec and his friends once everything gets back to normal.

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