Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day

The kids slept in on Christmas morning! We finally had to call to Charlie to wake up around 7:30. We lined the stairs waiting to hear Grandma and Grandpa say goodbye to Santa. Grandpa started having a conversation with Santa only he got mixed up and gave himself the funny voice.

Grandma and Grandpa get up earlier than us all to make us a nice Christmas Breakfast: bacon, German pancakes, hot chocolate, eggnog, and fruit. Yummy!

Then its back downstairs to open and give presents to everyone.

There were many wonderful presents given and lots of smiles and hugs. We wanted our boys to experience the warm feelings of giving so we had them pick out a small gift for everyone that would be with us Christmas morning and if there is one thing my family does super well to over the top, its reactions! They gave the best reactions for my boys and Alec kept saying, "I think they like it."

There was one present I was especially excited for my kids to open and that was the car track quilt I've been dreaming about for a year, and working off and on for the past 6 months. I can hardly believe that its actually finished! My wonderful grandma helped me brainstorm how to finish it and my cousins came over one night to help me tie it. Anyway, I'm REALLY happy with it and I think the boys are too.

One of the best times of Christmas morning was talking over a group skype call with Chris' brother Edward on his mission in Mexico! He sounds so good and happy and I loved seeing Chris' face just beaming as he listened to Edward and all his family.

Grandpa put our boys to bed and Grandma listened to Gwendolyn so Chris and I could go with my siblings and cousins to see a movie! Chris' 2nd or 3rd time at a movie theater this year. We saw the newest Narnia movie. Then we started a 1000 piece puzzle and enjoyed lots of treats and family time. Such a wonderful day.


Jared said...

Wow, Britt that quilt is awesome! Looks like it took a long time. Great job!

Ryan + Jess said...

oh my goodness your quilt looks so amazing!! Way to go. I'm so impressed--very professional looking and lots of fun too! Thanks for posting all the great pictures. Makes us feel like we weren't so far away after all. (dixie)

Libby said...

sounds like a perfect christmas! how fun that you were able to go to wa!! i got a little laugh about the over the top reactions! i could totally see it!

Katie B. said...

What cute matching pajamas everyone has! Very nice quilt. I got a sewing machine for Christmas, so I might have to ask you for project tips some time.