Sunday, January 16, 2011

movie seats

The boys get so excited whenever they get to watch movies. Charlie will jump around with both fists in the air screaming, "Yay! watch a moooovie!" Sometimes I'll say yes to the ever present question, "can we watch a movie?" just so I can see this sight. They always have to sit on that end of the couch, right smack next to each other. Our couch has lots more space, but their "movie seats" are always like that. I love how much they enjoy being together.

Yes, Charlie has his finger up his nose. He does it all the time! Just like some people play with their pockets or twirl their hair, Charlie likes his finger in his nose. Chris has told me we have to be extra careful around Charlie because he seems to have a propensity to stick things in his nose and ears. I guess Chris has pulled out a bean a couple of times and a pea once.

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