Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Now that Alec is 4

We're starting to see some of the household habits that I remember seeing in my family growing up. Things that come with older kids. Like, random spills on the table or floor from Alec pouring himself a drink in the middle of the day. Or clothes strewn about the kids' room from changing out of pants and into shorts as the day gets warmer. Or looking through our pictures and seeing a bunch that a kid must have taken, like the following:

Often, Alec will see something cool he's done and want to take a picture of it. Most of the time, he wants to take a picture of people, usually of Gwen.

Sometimes we'll get asked to pose for some.

I'm glad everything is digital now, so we can enjoy seeing the pictures Alec takes without having to pay for them all to be developed!


Shelly Beth said...

Agreed, so glad for digital pictures! What was life like before them? haha. Alec is growing so big!

dixie said...

The pictures are hilarious. A budding photographer.

Katie B. said...

Did he take that last one? If so, kudos, Alec!

brittney said...

yes, he took them all!