Monday, January 17, 2011


Charlie just makes me smile with his adorableness. He is too cute for words. I had a short lived, spur of the moment potty training try some afternoon last week. Charlie was all about it for the afternoon, but by the evening, both of us were losing steam. We're shelving it for the moment, and I'm TOTALLY ok with it. It was a sort of "test the water" try and I successfully found out that it was too cold to dive in just yet.

We tried going commando for a little bit, but I, and Charlie, seemed to like the idea of having something on his little body so I pulled out an old shirt of mine and tied a belt around his waist to keep him from tripping over it. He wanted to go outside and I told him he at least needed a jacket and this is what I found when he told me he was ready.

I love his facial expression and the way he pulled the vest over his head for no reason. He certainly is going through a disobedient/completely-ignore-things-I-say-to-him stage, but sheesh, this is one cute kid.


Heather said...

adorableness does hide a multitude of mischief :)

dixie said...

he is such a cute little imp!! Can't resist him.