Thursday, January 27, 2011

Who needs gel?

Charlie does his own hair with all natural products like yogurt, milk, cheese, beans, tomato sauce, etc. Ok, pretty much whatever food we're eating. After, sometimes even during, a meal he feels the need to rub his hands all over his head. He'll grab his hair and try and stick it out. Sometimes he even uses his plate or fork.

If he's lucky, its bath day (Wednesday and Saturdays). If he's not lucky he gets a wash out in the sink, and if he's the opposite of lucky I don't do anything to get it out. A few times I've been asked if Charlie just woke up or took bath (his hair will look like it got all sweaty during a hot nap or something... which actually often is the case too) but a lot of the time its not his nap at all, its his food-styling skills.


Shelly Beth said...

He is a stud.

brittany said...

This made me laugh so hard. Love it!