Monday, February 28, 2011

Ice Skating and Bowling

One of the great things about living here are the fun graduate family student activities they put on for us. We went ice skating and bowling this month. Both boys did great and they both ice skated a bit 100% by themselves. Charlie went about 5 feet and Alec did about 20. We're so impressed by their physical abilities and willingness to try new things (even if they are pretty scared and nervous about it, I usually can get them to try it for a short time with enough coaxing)

Right as I am posting this, Alec is playing with duplos and kitchen things saying,

"Where is maid Marian? We've got to go find her, go Robin Hood!"
"Oh, Maid Marian (the duplo guy says to the teaspoon) you're bigger than me, but I can cut your arm!"
"oh, but I can scoop you up into pieces..."
"ha ha ha haaaaa" (I'm not sure if the duplo guy or the teaspoon is doing the evil laugh)

Meanwhile, Charlie is doing the dishes for me. I better go help him before the house floods.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It goes so fast

So within 3 days, Gwendolyn is full out crawling and pulling herself up to her knees. One day later, I found her standing up to one of the kitchen chairs!

That afternoon, I put her down for a late nap since she had really short naps earlier and I went upstairs to see if she fell asleep yet (our monitor is broke and we're "thinking" about getting a video monitor... we've been thinking about it for 4 months now). And I found she had pulled herself up to stand in her crib! She was trying to look through the slits in the blinds to the courtyard outside where her brothers were playing. She had the biggest grin on her face, so proud.

Alec and Charlie are crazy hoodlums sometimes. The older Charlie gets, the rougher they're playing. Tackling, throwing blocks at each other, squishing, pushing etc... One time it turned into piggy back rides. After Charlie jumping on Alec's back for a piggy back ride, Alec said he wanted a turn to ride. Poor Charlie didn't stand a chance.

Boy, that picture and video reminds me how long their hair was before I cut it a few days ago. Here are some more recent pictures. Alec's domino creation is of his Uncle Edward holding the scriptures out on his mission to Mexico. And that last picture is from Alec's latest photo session.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Around the house

Its been raining a lot recently and we've had a lot of time in the house. I've been trying to use some parenting techniques from the book, Power of Positive Parenting. The author advocates trying to have mostly positive interactions with your children (a lot of praising and complimenting the good behaviors and ignoring "junk"/inconsequential/"merely annoying" behaviors or redirecting non-junk bad behaviors)

So far, this has made our home a more positive, happy, loving place...overall. But also (and I may be doing it wrong) it's allowed the boys to "play" fight a little bit more. Some of the time, the fighting grows into a game where they take turns standing/jumping on each other, or take turns pushing each other.... and other times it just ends in tears all around. Recently, I caught on camera a playful game of the boys pushing each other off the couch.

Innocent bystanders:

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gwendolyn's latest

Gwen is (practically) crawling! She gets up on her hands and knees, rocks back and forth then lunges forward and half crawls half army-scoots to toys within a few feet! She is The Queen of blowing raspberries and constantly has a mouth-open grin.

She loves to eat all food and even managed to ingest an entire piece of stale french bread. She's been a bit fussier in the early evenings recently -- thanks to Charlie's habit of waking her up when he gets up from his nap (even if she is in a different room!) -- but regardless of how tired or hungry Gwenyrs is, she's completely happy to be held facing out, outside, or standing up. She gets this crazy lion growl/yell whenever she stands up and does her open mouth smile. I had a dream two nights ago that she was a little toddler walking around... that might actually happen faster than I want it to.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Friday, February 11, 2011

Music class and boy clothes

We rode bikes to Music Class yesterday and the boys really loved the parachute they did at the end of class. Alec and Charlie don't super get into the music part. Alec will play with the instruments but not sing or do any other actions. He mainly stares and sometimes smiles to me about something silly. Charlie is like Alec except he'll do most all of the hand actions and smiles a little more -- especially at Gwen during the parachute. It was as if he were saying, "Do you see this?! Look how awesome!"

On the ride home, Charlie put his arm around Gwendolyn in the bike trailer. He really loves her. It was so sweet. By the time we got to the park and I was taking this picture, he'd hardly moved an inch. I think he was moments away from sleep since it was close to lunch / nap time.

This morning, as I hurriedly put on some clothes because a friend was at our door, I didn't really think much about when I put on some cargo pants, a tee-shirt and old tennis shoes. As I walk down the stairs, Alec looked at me and says, "Mom, you look like a boy." I asked him why and he said, "Because your pants are like a boys, and your belt and your shirt and your shoes." Is this ammunition enough to justify a shopping trip for some more fitted clothes?! I mean, come on, who wants their mom to look like a boy? Thanks Alec for noticing and for documenting the proof.

Monday, February 7, 2011

a typcial morning

3:00AM feed Gwen
7:00AM everyone wakes up, I run
8:00AM all eat breakfast
9:00AM shower, everyone gets dressed, Gwen naps
9:15 AM Chris leaves for class/office, boys and I play, clean up, play, clean up and then play some more
11:00AM all go outside to play, Gwen wakes up

12:30PM picnic lunch outside, Gwendolyn practices crawling

1:00PM Charlie and Gwen nap, Alec plays quietly while I write this blog post.