Monday, February 21, 2011

Around the house

Its been raining a lot recently and we've had a lot of time in the house. I've been trying to use some parenting techniques from the book, Power of Positive Parenting. The author advocates trying to have mostly positive interactions with your children (a lot of praising and complimenting the good behaviors and ignoring "junk"/inconsequential/"merely annoying" behaviors or redirecting non-junk bad behaviors)

So far, this has made our home a more positive, happy, loving place...overall. But also (and I may be doing it wrong) it's allowed the boys to "play" fight a little bit more. Some of the time, the fighting grows into a game where they take turns standing/jumping on each other, or take turns pushing each other.... and other times it just ends in tears all around. Recently, I caught on camera a playful game of the boys pushing each other off the couch.

Innocent bystanders:


kelsey said...

I've been wanting to read that book too. It comes highly recommended. Since Will always uses my techniques right back at me, think of what positive interactions will abound in our home!

Barb: said...

This post cracks me up b/c it reminds me of how different our lives/locations are! Try being relatively "stuck" in the house since November...oh, how I wish for CA weather. You're an awesome mom and it sounds like you are always doing fun activities with your kids and figuring out how to be better. I can't believe how big they are now! I hope we get to go to the reunion this summer so we can see you guys!