Monday, February 28, 2011

Ice Skating and Bowling

One of the great things about living here are the fun graduate family student activities they put on for us. We went ice skating and bowling this month. Both boys did great and they both ice skated a bit 100% by themselves. Charlie went about 5 feet and Alec did about 20. We're so impressed by their physical abilities and willingness to try new things (even if they are pretty scared and nervous about it, I usually can get them to try it for a short time with enough coaxing)

Right as I am posting this, Alec is playing with duplos and kitchen things saying,

"Where is maid Marian? We've got to go find her, go Robin Hood!"
"Oh, Maid Marian (the duplo guy says to the teaspoon) you're bigger than me, but I can cut your arm!"
"oh, but I can scoop you up into pieces..."
"ha ha ha haaaaa" (I'm not sure if the duplo guy or the teaspoon is doing the evil laugh)

Meanwhile, Charlie is doing the dishes for me. I better go help him before the house floods.

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dixie said...

Does this fascination with Robin Hood stem from their cute Halloween costumes? So glad you get to do so many fun things together! Enjoy.