Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It goes so fast

So within 3 days, Gwendolyn is full out crawling and pulling herself up to her knees. One day later, I found her standing up to one of the kitchen chairs!

That afternoon, I put her down for a late nap since she had really short naps earlier and I went upstairs to see if she fell asleep yet (our monitor is broke and we're "thinking" about getting a video monitor... we've been thinking about it for 4 months now). And I found she had pulled herself up to stand in her crib! She was trying to look through the slits in the blinds to the courtyard outside where her brothers were playing. She had the biggest grin on her face, so proud.

Alec and Charlie are crazy hoodlums sometimes. The older Charlie gets, the rougher they're playing. Tackling, throwing blocks at each other, squishing, pushing etc... One time it turned into piggy back rides. After Charlie jumping on Alec's back for a piggy back ride, Alec said he wanted a turn to ride. Poor Charlie didn't stand a chance.

Boy, that picture and video reminds me how long their hair was before I cut it a few days ago. Here are some more recent pictures. Alec's domino creation is of his Uncle Edward holding the scriptures out on his mission to Mexico. And that last picture is from Alec's latest photo session.


brittany said...

Holy cow, Gwen is getting so big, and those boys are so cute. Seeing your posts about them really gets me excited for Jackson to grow up.

nicole said...

cute gwen!!

dixie said...

What a cute girl she is! I love all the pictures. Alec's domino creation of Edward and his scriptues is amazing!!

merilee said...

How fun! She is so adorable and growing up fast! I get that boys do not always play gently...haha