Monday, February 7, 2011

a typcial morning

3:00AM feed Gwen
7:00AM everyone wakes up, I run
8:00AM all eat breakfast
9:00AM shower, everyone gets dressed, Gwen naps
9:15 AM Chris leaves for class/office, boys and I play, clean up, play, clean up and then play some more
11:00AM all go outside to play, Gwen wakes up

12:30PM picnic lunch outside, Gwendolyn practices crawling

1:00PM Charlie and Gwen nap, Alec plays quietly while I write this blog post.


Heather said...

what a fun day!!! Can I come play? Love & miss you...

Renee said...

Charlie would make one cute little girl! We'll have to join you for a picnic lunch one of these perfect weather days.

Shelly Beth said...

holy crap, those pigtails on Charlie made me laugh out loud. awesome. sounds like the typical busy day of a mommy, but at LEAST you get to go OUTSIDE. It has been FREEZING and SNOWING here all winter. and as we speak.

dixie said...

I love the "play, clean up, play, clean up" cycle. And Gwen is growing up toooo fast!